Reflections on Midsummer 2016

Yesterday was the summer solstice. Normally I don’t celebrate the holiday. Summer heat has never been my thing and weather above 80 degrees Fahrenheit isn’t really my thing. It was the full moon that convinced me to get my magic on. The full moon acted to balance out the day for me. Both the sun and moon were at the height of their power in my eyes.

I won’t go into very much detail because I personally believe in the power of secrecy when it comes to magic. I did two magical things yesterday, one when the sun was at its apex and the other when the moon was at its apex. Balance was the theme of the day really. I was also lucky enough that I had the house to myself all day and all night due to the other occupants going to the beach out of state and spending the night.

The first spell was about taking in a sense. It was about declaring what I wanted/needed and bringing it to me. I did this with items that reminded me of the sun. Fire, plants that have been flourishing in the summer heat, objects that shine in the light…all of these were essential. I wasn’t able to preform the spell outside on account of the wind, but it was probably for the best because of all the chanting going on. It was a very involved spell and took quite a long time in comparison to other spells I have done. One thing that I found interesting was that the wind built up stronger and the clouds became darker as the spell went on. A thunderstorm hit as the spell finished. I took it as a very good sign and a parallel to what I was doing, power being built up and then released into the world. Over the years I have developed a serious respect for summer storms and their power, again adding to the significance.

My second magical act was very different. It was done late at night and was about giving. Balancing everything out. It was a much more private affair, quite and only between myself and the spirits I am close with. I gave back to them some of myself because they have given so much to me, including the magic I had done earlier. The weather had cleared up by then and the night was still. It was a calming end to the day and both acts were very memorable experiences.

The day went very differently than I thought it would be. I did not anticipate the theme of balance the day had, but it worked out for the best in the long run. I don’t know if I will ever celebrate the summer solstice again. It still isn’t exactly my thing. But I am extremely satisfied with how my magic went. I also learned more about balance and how it applies to my magic more than I had before. It will definitely be something I consider in my future workings.


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